Mega Bundle IKEA

Mega Bundle IKEA

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For the parent that seriously wants to start solids on the right foot! The Mega bundle joins our two best selling bundles together making over your ikea highchair plus providing a high quality range of silicone table wear to pop on top. Added bonus is our weekend bag for carrying all your feeding accessories on the go. 

Bundle includes our best selling products: 

- Bamboo Woodsi Footsi (RRP $26.95)

- Bamboo leg wraps (RRP $19.95)

- Highchair cushion cover of your choice with the insert for inside the cushion (RRP $40.90)

- Silicone cover mat of your choice to top your Ikea tray and make cleaning up a breeze (RRP $33.95)

- The Nibble and Rest First Foods tracker magnet (RRP $26.95)

- One Silicone bib (choose your colour) (RRP $15.95)

- One Set of Silicone cutlery (choose your colours)  (RRP $14.95)

- One Silicone suction bowl (choose your colour)  (RRP $26.95)

- One Silicone suction plate (choose your colour)  (RRP $26.95)

- One Silicone 4 in 1 sippy cup (choose your colour) (RRP $29.95)

- One Weekend Bag (RRP $39.95)

Total RRP $303.31

Bundle price $250 including FREE shipping saving of $53.31

Photos are for illustrative purposes only- please refer to the bundle description above for products included