10 Great First Foods to Try

Here is a list of ten foods we have found as a great starting point for beginning solids. Hopefully they help you along on your solids journey! 


Packed with vitamins like B6, healthy fats and fibre, avocado is a nutrient rich powerhouse for your baby. Its soft texture is ideal for baby led weaning or can be pureed for spoon feeding; its versatility make it perfect for one of the first solids to give your baby.  

Sweet Potato  

Soft cooked or mashed sweet potato is a fantastic source of both kinds of fibre (soluble and insoluble) for your baby. It also is rich in vitamin A which can help with the growth and development of your baby’s eyes. I see sweet potato becoming a family favourite! 


Broccoli is a great source of folate with helps promote growth and healthy brain development. It can be cooked in different ways so that babies from six months of age can eat it such as steaming bigger pieces to munch on. 


Pureed, mashed or in pieces, banana is a fantastic first introduction to fruit. Bananas are filled with antioxidants, more than some berries and vegetable! They are also versatile in many different recipes – banana-based pancakes are a great healthy sweet for babies and toddlers.  


Full-fat yoghurt is an amazing source of calcium for babies to promote healthy bone growth. It can promote healthy gut health for your baby as well. An easy on the go snack, yoghurt is a easy first food to try.  


Full of vitamin C, oranges are a go to fruit when introducing solids. You can leave the skin on or cut into segments, but make sure there isn’t any seeds.  


Watermelon can be way to keep your baby hydrated in the warmer months. It’s easy to prepare, just chop into medium size chunks for baby to grab onto.  

Meat and Fish 

Meat and fish can be great sources of iron and protein. You can serve pureed meats and fish or finger pieces.  


Eggs are a tricky one – they can be an early allergen for babies so introduce them slowly and watch for any reactions. They are however an amazing source of protein and vitamin D. Make sure they are fully cooked, hard boiled or well-cooked scramble are great serving options  


Seedless low salt bread is a great way to include starchy carbohydrates into your baby's diet. It is also an easy way to share a meal with your baby, seeing you eating bread they may be more inclined to nibble away at pieces too.  

 If you are mindful of how much time you have to incorporate these foods into your childs routine, you might want to check out our First Foods Tracker.

Have some of your own best first foods as well? Tell us! We love hearing all different tips, recipes and more so we can share them as well. 


Thanks for reading!

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