Keeping Track of First Foods with the Nibble and Rest First Foods Tracker

When it’s time to introduce solids to your baby it can become another thing you have to keep track of. You're already keeping track of nap times, feeding and all the other things you have going on with being a Mum or parent. But why is it important to track what your baby’s first foods are to begin with? 

Well, firstly it helps you keep track of any potential allergic reactions. Paediatricians recommend testing new foods one at a time for usually three days – this is called the rule of three. For foods that are known to cause allergies it’s best to start in small amounts to see if bub has a reaction. If there are no signs of an allergic reaction (such as a rash or mouth redness) you know that you are okay to continue with that food.  

Secondly, it may take multiple tries before your baby might like something. Don’t stress if they don’t seem interested or do not like it the first time, who knows they might like it on the fifth or sixth go...or they might never like it but I guess we all have our favourite foods! 

Keeping track with our First Foods Tracker Fridge Magnet is an easy way to see what you have tried. It is also an easy way to see what might be good to pick up from the supermarket. Have a quick scan of what your baby hasn’t tried yet each week or see what they have really liked and add it to your shopping list. Our tracker can make the journey of beginning solids just that bit easier. Remember, take it slow, this is a whole new world for bub and you. Before you know it, you’ll be having family meals together!  

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