The Footsi Baby Chair Footrest and Matching Cushion Covers - The Limited Edition Prints

Hey Mumma, Mel here!

So, by now you're probably wondering what gave me the idea to not only go with the flagship Nibble and Rest colours of grey, navy and black for our Footsi high chair footrest range, but to offer an ongoing range of Limited Edition Prints as well?

Well, being a Mum of three and quite particular with many things that I buy for the kids, I know how it can be when you may like a product but you may not really find the colours or the design of it very appealing.

Having several variants to pick from has the ability to give us Mum's back the power of choice, enabling us to feel like we have made a decision that resonates with how we are feeling, or what what we feel would go best with our bubs.

Obviously in exceptional instances, having limited variety to choose from can make the choice easier if you aren't too concerned with the look of something, I know this is normal when it comes to choosing say apples and oranges at the supermarket, but even Ikea themselves have created many different colours for the Ikea Antilop highchair now (previously only white was available) including navy, baby blue, pink, baby pink, green and their flagship colour, white. This I think has only happened very recently.

Even so, this range of solid colours of the Ikea Antilop highchair also need to be "prettied" up to some extent and that is where our Footsi footrest limited edition prints for both footrests and cushion covers may help.

Therefore, being able to provide you with a range of these limited edition footsi footrest prints gives you (yes YOU Mumma) the chance to choose something that you think might offer something unique that resonates with you.

Our latest range includes Under The Sea (note this wasn't motivated by any Disney film) which may inspire your little one to be adventurous when you next visit the beach (pick up a sea shell, or look for sand crabs).

Our floral range might inspire some walks in the botanic gardens one afternoon with the family as a whole.

Thirdly, Dinosaurs, well everyone loves cute dinosaurs don't we? And having cushion covers to match makes for one very pretty highchair.

Finally our final two in our current limited edition range are rainbow and terrazzo. 


Well, I will let you be the judge of the limited edition prints. Why don't you drop me a line at if you have any ideas on which prints you would like in our next release?

Thanks so much for reading!

Mel xx 







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