The Footsi Grow is our latest footrest for your child's comfort

After 2 years in the making, it is finally here. Drum roll please!

Introducing the Nibble & Rest Footsi Grow™. An Eco-friendly Bamboo Adjustable Dining Chair Footrest, which is the first toddler & child footrest of its kind, has arrived and is ready for your household!

Ideally designed for children 3-9 years old, this product has been created with the sole intention of keeping your child comfortable in any dining chair, or even bar stools.

As the creators of the original highchair footrest, the Footsi™, we have spent the last 3 years educating parents on the importance of foot support while eating. Naturally, as our business has grown, so have our babies, and we were faced with a new question – what happens when a child outgrows their highchair?

We know that a lot of children who outgrow their highchairs, are transitioned to eat with the family at the grown-up table, in a normal dining chair (sometimes in a booster seat), having experienced this ourselves first-hand. However, most kids are lacking any placement for their feet, given their legs are still too short to touch the floor. This in turn, can create an uncomfortable experience at dinner time for them, which usually ends with a full plate of food and an upset child. As a result, we start to label toddlers as fussy eaters and fidgety, when the reality is, we are now expecting them to learn a whole new skill all over again, without the adequate foot support they have grown used to since starting solids.

Again, the old feeding therapist’s tale of "imagine your feet dangling with no footrest, sitting at a bar stool while eating dinner" comes to mind. Instead of focussing on the task at hand, children are distracted by trying to sit comfortably, while their feet dangle aimlessly in the air. We know that foot support leads to better trunk support, which leads to better hand to mouth coordination and a safer swallow. This is no different in our children's case at the dinner table. Bring in the Footsi Grow™.

The simple patented design of the Footsi Grow™, a 3-piece flat pack with no screws, bolts, or nails, means it can be assembled extremely easily, in under 1- minute. Add to this the unique design of the footrest piece, which can also be adjusted up or down with varying heights using the slats, to suit your child. The sleek finish of the Footsi Grow™ gives you peace of mind when showcasing it in your dining area. Rubber grips on the bottom of the footrest provide further stability for the kiddos if they decide to move their feet around while seated. The footplate also has an added groove feature, which locks it into place and can't be kicked out by those active kids either.

Another great feature of the Footsi Grow™ is its portability to be used at any table in the home. Ever noticed how in primary school, all the classroom tables and chairs are made to the height/age of the children? Yet we wonder why kids can’t sit still and concentrate on their homework when studying on our standard desks at home. This was a common theme during Covid Home-schooling days which really got us thinking in the thick of the design process for this product. Again, are they dangling their feet while completing their homework? Is this causing short attention spans and distractions while they work? Don’t worry, we have you covered! The simple & sleek design means the Footsi Grow™ can neatly fit under your child’s study desk and can be easily transported back and forth between rooms for use with multiple tasks. The adjustability also means it can be used for multiple kids!

The 3-piece flat pack design makes the Footsi Grow™ convenient for travelling too. Simply disassemble the 3 parts and pack away in your Nibble and Rest overnight bag, when you need to visit with grandma or go away on holidays. Who knows, it might even make your dining experience more pleasant at restaurants too!?

Suitable for children aged 3-9 years old, we hope this product adds some relief in your home, as it has ours. Have you got any cool use ideas for the Footsi Grow™?

Have you got any cool use ideas for the Footsi Grow™?

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Patent Pending (AusPat): 2022902226

Design Rights Pending (IPAus): 202214617

Footsi Grow™ (IPAus): 2297141

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