📣 Calling ALL MUMS! Does your highchair need a footrest?

Next time you have dinner try this. It will floor you! Ok. I need you to trust me here. When it comes to your next meal, I want you to grab your plate and some cutlery too! Look around for a place you can sit where your legs don’t touch the ground. Make sure it is safe. Perhaps the dining room table? Sit up on it with your yummy food, knife and fork in hand. Make sure your legs are dangling off the edge of wherever you are sitting. Start eating. Even the thought of doing this sounds weird, right? Now let’s go one step further.. Let’s pretend your baby is in their highchair next to you also enjoying, or trying to eat some dinner. Now look down. At their legs…hmmm!

This is something most of us mums just would never think about, right? Now look at your legs and try and eat some more. It just doesn’t feel right, does it? That’s what I thought when I invented the Footsi® highchair footrest. How hard it is to actually eat with your feet dangling in thin air, whilst they are literally trying to find some stability, that doesn’t exist. How distracting!? It’s like they are on a ride at the showgrounds. (A baby ride…) where they meet the height criteria 😆. No wonder half of their food ends up thrown on the floor and they can’t seem to concentrate on eating.

Seriously, if you are having an AH-HA moment, don’t worry - I did exactly the same thing!  When I actually realised this for myself (and trust me, I was dangling and eating very awkwardly for a while) it was like a lightbulb went off for me. And that is how the Footsi® was born. And it didn’t stop there. Oh yes, I fixed that problem – and went further than that. Click on the link below to find out how you can make your bubba’s meal time matter – and make that food go in their mouth! I am so excited to share this with you, and see how it’ll change mealtimes in your home!

Check out the range - here!

Mel xx

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