How to Start Solids with Bub

Starting solids can be a daunting thing for new parents and bubs. There is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming on where to start and what way is ‘best’ for your baby. From about the age of 6 months solids can be introduced and this is when things start to get messy. Literally.  

Has your baby started to watch you when eating food? Are they reaching for what you’re having? These could be signs your baby is keen to start trying solids. If your baby has lost its tongue thrust reflex – this is when they automatically push any food out of their mouth – it is okay to begin with solids.  

Two ways of Weaning: Spoon fed or Baby Led Weaning?  

There are two ways of feeding, the first method is the more traditional route of spoon-feeding purees then mashes and then onto more solid foods as your baby’s eating skills grow. The second method is baby led weaning.  

Method One: Spoon Fed 

Spoon feeding your baby is a great way to introduce bub to purees of different fruits, veggies and even meat. You can start with smooth purees between breast or bottle feeding and slowly move on to thicker mashes about seven-to-eight-month mark. Purees are great way to consistently track how much food is being consumed 

Method Two: Baby Led Weaning 

Baby led weaning is when you present your baby with solid foods in age-appropriate textures and sizes. Introducing different textured foods provides an amazing sensory experience for your baby and can help prevent texture avoidance later on. Through baby led weaning your baby can improve their hand eye coordination as well as their hand dexterity. It is important to always test that the food you are serving is soft and presented in a way that is in safe shapes for baby to munch on. Avoid anything that is small and round in shape or could ‘ball’ up in your baby's mouth and block their windpipe.  


You don’t have to stick to one method of feeding, one might work better than the other! Or even a combination of both might work for you. What matters is responding to your baby’s cues on when they are finished eating or are not interested in eating solids one day. This is a journey for all of you and in no time, you’ll be eating dinner together so try enjoy the process of learning together, even the messy bits!    

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