Some of the best products to use when starting solids for your baby

When starting solids for your baby, there are a few products that can be helpful:

1/ Highchair: A highchair is a must-have for feeding your baby solids. Look for one that is easy to clean and has adjustable straps for safety. We prefer the IKEA Antilop highchair as it is affordable, easy to clean and safe.

2/ Bibs: Bibs are a great way to keep your baby clean during mealtime. Look for bibs that are made of a soft and absorbent material and have a pocket to catch any food that falls. Please see our full range of bibs here.

3/ Spoons: You'll need a few spoons for feeding your baby. Look for spoons that are made of a soft, pliable material that won't scratch your baby's gums. We have varios sets of spoons and forks available here.

4/ Suction bowls and plates: These are great for preventing spills and keeping the food on the plate or bowl, especially when your baby starts to learn how to feed himself. We have a full range of bowls and plates here.

5/ Blender or food processor: When starting solids, it's often best to start with pureed food. A blender or food processor can make pureeing foods easy. We recommend the Nutri Bullet, it's so easy to use and clean.

6/ Reusable food pouches: These are handy for when you're on the go, you can put pureed food in them and it's easy to take them with you.

It's important to note that all these products should be BPA-free and safe for babies to use.


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