Why Silicone is the NEW alternative for Baby Goods.

By Farah Halabi

Bright colours, easy to clean, unbreakable- it is easy to see why silicone products have taken over the kids and baby market. Today, we are giving you an overview on why Silicone is now the better alternative for baby goods.


What is Silicone?

Silicone is derived from silica, a natural substance found in sand. Since sand is the second most abundant element found in the earth’s crust, it’s a good starting point for a sustainable material. The silica is then processed with oxygen (to form the element silicon (Si)), hydrogen and carbon to create a non-toxic polymer. In contrast, plastic is made from crude oil, a non-renewable resource, and contains harmful toxins such as bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS).

Here's why WE love it:

  • Silicone is 100% food-grade.
    Made specially to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic, silicone can withstand heat and cold without leaching off harmful chemicals, unlike other polymers. These properties make silicone baby bowls and plates incredibly safe for contact with food. They’re not only non-toxic—they’re also odour-free and stain-resistant.
  • Silicone is BPA-free.
    BPA is a chemical found in many plastics and resins. It’s harmful to human health, seeping into food or beverages when a container with BPA is heated. The substance is known to affect the brain and blood pressure of adults and kids alike. Fortunately, silicone does not contain any BPA, making it a safer choice over plastic.
  • Silicone is soft and flexible.
    Silicone is a very soft material, much like rubber. Bowls and plates made of silicone won’t break into several sharp pieces when dropped, making them safe for your child. Silicone cups and cutlery are also more gentle on sensitive lips and gums.
  • Silicone is Eco-Friendly, just like our bamboo highchair footrests.

    Made from an abundant natural resource, silicone is significantly more ocean-friendly than plastic since it doesn't break down when lost in the environment into micro pieces like plastic does. Compared with plastic, silicone is also the most durable option. It can withstand high heat, freezing cold and immense pressure, making it a robust choice for child’s play! Silicone can also be recycled multiple times, which gives it another advantage over many plastics.

  • Silicone is easy to clean.

    Silicone is non-porous which means it’s a hypoallergenic material that is waterproof and can’t harbour germs. It is also odour-free and stain-resistant.

We hope this helps you to understand why Nibble and Rest has chosen silicone to make our children’s eat-ware. As parents ourselves, we think kids deserve better materials for their health and their environment.

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Thanks for reading!

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