Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2
Silicone feeder - pack of 2

Silicone feeder - pack of 2

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The perfect way to introduce solids into your baby's diet without the risk of
choking. Simply put fruit or vegetables into the silicone pouch and seal tight
with our silicone pop cover. Baby will enjoy the ability to experience the flavour and texture of solid foods while also building independence, learning to self feed, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


- Soft silicone pouch with small holes for easy feeding that only allow small, digestible pieces to pass through
- FDA approved 100% silicone design makes the feeder safe for baby to chew and suck on
- Encourages baby to self-feed, builds independence, develops confidence and
improves hand-eye coordination
- Easy to use and clean- can be sterilised in boiling water
- Doesn't breed bacteria, unlike mesh alternatives
- Soothes teething pain and keeps busy little hands entertained
- PVC, BPA & Phthalate FREE
- Dust cover will block bacteria and keep food fresh for longer.



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Safety Warning: Highchair footrests are important as they help provide proper posture and comfort for your child. However, footrests may potentially make it easier for your child to push themselves up and out of their seat. Therefore, the footrest must always be used with the highchairs own safety harness fastened tight. You must always supervise your child in the highchair and DO NOT leave them unattended. When you have finished using the Footsi after each meal, please keep it out of reach of children. Lastly, please keep unused o-rings and suction locs out of reach of children. These items are not toys and are a choking hazard.


Can you send my preordered items separately?

We appreciate your choice to pre-order our products, as it allows you to secure your preferred colours for the upcoming highchair makeover. At times, due to fluctuations in stock levels, certain items may be temporarily unavailable, leading to the possibility of other product prints or colours selling out while awaiting the restocking of the last item.

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How much weight can be applied to the Footsi?

The Footsi has been designed as a footrest for babies (not a foot stand) therefore the suction lock & Footsi can not withstand the whole body weight of a child for prolonged periods. The Footsi has been designed to withstand the leg weight of children up to 3 years old (recommended full weight of child ~15kg / 33lbs). Always securely fasten child using the high chairs own harness system while using the Footsi. Repeatedly standing on the Footsi may cause wear and tear that PMHC Holdings Pty Ltd will not be liable for. Therefore, please DO NOT allow your child to repeatedly stand on the Footsi.

I can't seem to get my hook installed correctly, what am I doing wrong?

Please make sure you clean the area for the hook with rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry. With hook flicked, remove protective cover from suction lock. With hook flicked up, place suction hook below the lip of the highchair and apply a firm push around the edges of the hook to remove air. While holding the edges of the hook pull down the hook to lock it. WAIT 30 MINUTES BEFORE USING FOR A FIRM LOCK

The hook is a specially designed vacuum seal application (so isn't a sticky hook, nor does it require any additives such as glue). Once installed correctly, the vacuum seal creates the suction. Each hook has been manufactured & quality tested by a 100% owned and operated German factory in China. The hook is extremely strong once it is installed correctly.

We have lots of installation videos as saved stories in our Instagram. Here is a link to our YouTube videos. Make sure to turn the volume on.

Installation of our patented suction hook:

If you are having trouble with your hook soak the suction pad in boiling water for 30-45 seconds, this will help remove any dirt or creases and prepare the hook for reapplication.

Which highchairs does the Footsi® go with? 

The Footsi® footrest has been tested on multiple high chairs for appropriate fit and makes a great addition to either the Ikea Antilop, Kmart Pandium, Big W Uno, Target Snacka, Aldi Mamia, or similar. These chairs are all very similar designs. The suction hook needs to be applied to a non-porous surface, therefore there are some highchairs the Footsi won't suit. See our videos above on how to install the suction hook on the back of the highchair.

What foot placement is optimal?

Regarding feet placement, you don't need all of their feet covering the Footsi® high chair footrest initially, if they even get part of their heel on, it would be giving them comfort and support, knowing they have something to rest their feet on during mealtimes. The optimum position they’ll eventually get to is hips at 90 degrees, knees at 90 degrees and ankles at 90 degree (90/90/90).

The Footsi can be used by your little one as soon as they hit the highchair, however they may also require the complementary inflatable cushion to promote trunk & chest support and correct posture (which we stock), up until they are old enough to sit upright without help (usually at about 10-12 months - I know that’s when our daughter no longer needed the inflatable cushion) or are too big to fit in the highchair with the cushion. For this reason we have also started producing matching Footsi cushion covers.

If your baby is 5-9 months old they are only starting to learn how to sit in the highchair. You may need to guide their feet to sit flat on the Footsi® and as they grow they will get used to using it. We have to remember at only circa 6 months, bubs have no idea how to use a footrest, but we know it’s good for their trunk stability so we have to teach them how and why it’s important. It’s kind of like feeding them vegetables, they may not like them just yet, but we know it’s good for them!

How do I wash stains out of and generally care for my Footsi®?

Wash your Footsi® in a cold machine wash in a washing bag or hand wash. Place it flat and allow it to air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, do not iron, dry clean or tumble dry. For tough stains, you may also want to use some Napisan (or equivalent) spray or powder to soak in before washing. You may want to ensure you wash the Footsi® separately, for at least its first wash. You can also wipe your Footsi with a wet wash cloth after meals. 


How do I wash my cushion cover?

Wash your cushion cover in a cold machine wash in a washing bag or hand wash. Place it flat and allow it to air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, do not iron, dry clean or tumble dry. For tough stains, you may also want to use some Napisan (or equivalent) spray or powder to soak in before washing. You may want to ensure you wash the cushion cover separately, for at least its first wash. You can also wipe your cushion cover with a wet wash cloth after meals. 

I forgot to enter my discount code?

PLEASE remember to enter your welcome discount code at checkout (if you have joined our mailing list). Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for discounts post purchase. If you have missed using your welcome discount we are happy to provide a discount code for your next purchase. 



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Ashlea M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Bub loved them

So easy for my bub to pick up and easy to clean.

Meredith K.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Silicone Feeder

Easy to use & clean!

Katerina D.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


My son love it!

Laura O.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Silicone feeder

My baby loves these! They are easy to use and clean, the only thing that’s not great is the handle can be a little tricky for her little fingers to grasp, but I’m sure she’ll get better with practice!

Kathleen J.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Silicone feeder

The feeder works well, thanks. However it took about 4 washes to get the chemical smell out of the products before I felt I could use them with food.

Helina L.
Australia Australia

Healthy dessert and cool gum relief

I freeze pear and prune to keep my son regular. It’s. Great dessert to offer after a meal and he loves the cool gum relief! I also purchased some he freezer tray so the portions fit perfectly.

Paige S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

My baby loves these!

You always get what you pay for and these… ARE FABULOUS!!

Jessica V.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Silicone feeder goodness

Loved trying new foods with the silicone feeder or to relieve gum soreness with some fun. Stress free, and easy clean.

Laura G.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Our favourite feeding purchase

My 6 month old is beginning solids and loves using the silicone feeder. He’s found it easy to grip and I love how simple it is to clean. We have already suggested it to all our friends with bubs

Samantha M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Highly recommend

Great for my 5 month old as she starts to taste and try new foods. The little handle is great as she is used to holding dummies so can easily navigate holding the silicone feeder. Small holes in the feeder mean I'm more confident in allowing her to taste new foods without risk of choking. Easy to clean.

Wyomie R.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Amazing product

So glad I added this feeder to my basket (it was a spontaneous add). I already have the net feeder from big w but it is so difficult to clean and put together. This silicone feeder is so easy and cleans easy!

Tegan S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Baby has loved this feeder and it's easy to clean.

John A.
Australia Australia


I bought for granddaughter. Her mum is delighted with all products loves them

Melissa M.
Australia Australia

Best thing I have bought

Both the list and feeder are amazing. It allows me visually to see where I am at with food choices for my little boy. He can now happily eat fruit and things he couldn’t before by placing them in the feeder.

nibbleandrest Silicone feeder - pack of 2 Review
Renee T.
Australia Australia

Silicone feeder

Easy to use. Easy to clean

Candace F.
Australia Australia

Best thing ever!

My baby is teething at the moment and this product has been so good as I’ve been able to place frozen breast milk inside to allow my bubs to **** on and relieve his discomfort :) highly recommend!

nibbleandrest Silicone feeder - pack of 2 Review
Mariah SVG verified by SHOP
Australia Australia

Amazing an love the 2 different colours